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Constant change and high disruption are the new normal. Paradigm-shifting events, intensifying customer expectations and groundbreaking technology solutions are reshaping strategy, operations and culture for companies every day. Your success in this new normal depends on your ability to rapidly realign programs and projects to continuously evolving circumstances and strategies, and your ability to skillfully execute in a way that maximizes resources, minimizes risk and delivers results.

We see the challenges you are facing:

  • You need strategic alignment on your portfolio of programs and projects, plus the ability to quickly execute the highest impact programs and projects.
  • Your portfolio, program or project management office (PMO) needs to focus more on actively delivering business outcomes, less on centrally controlling business compliance.
  • Your project portfolio management (PPM) practice needs flexible and collaborative processes, tools and methods to keep pace with change.

Our Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management experts work with you to ensure that all of these elements work in concert to accelerate value delivery for your business. It’s about more than simply getting the job done—it’s about getting the job done well.


  • According to Harvard Business School Online,  “48 percent of all organizations fail to meet at least half of their strategic targets.”
  • In a report from the Economist Intelligence Unit,  “61 percent of firms struggle to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and day-to-day implementation.”
  • “Some 87 percent of businesses fail to execute their strategy each year,” according to .
  • “Failing to execute organizational strategy is common—90 percent fall short,” as stated by .

    Even the best strategies are worthless until they deliver results. Our strategic portfolio management consulting services can help you maximize value delivery.

    A quick internet search reveals dismal prospects for business strategies:

These statistics tell a troubling story. Out of 10 companies, five to nine will fail to reach their goals. Their failure is not necessarily due to problems with strategic planning, but more likely due to problems with strategic execution.

Enterprise-wide portfolio, program and project management (PPM) can decrease your risk and increase your reward when executing strategy. Savvy portfolio leaders view every project and program as an investment in the business’s success. Their strategic recommendations empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, develop a competitive portfolio, and maximize value delivery.

When you embrace PPM at an enterprise level, your business can translate high-level strategies into an action-oriented and results-driven portfolio of projects that rapidly adjust to changing circumstances while delivering successful outcomes.

Strategies become worthwhile when they bring about valuable results as promised. And Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management can help your business deliver on its promises.


Execute tactics and strategies with an optimized PMO.

According to Gartner, 38 percent of surveyed project management leaders stated that a “misalignment between enterprise strategy, investment decisions and day-to-day execution” prompted their company to create a portfolio, program or project management office (PMO).

If your business wants to develop its capacity for end-to-end strategy execution and value realization, it’s time to build or transform your PMO.

Gone are the days when PMOs simply monitored program progress and managed project tasks. Today’s most successful PMOs not only control business cadence and compliance with agility, but also actively deliver business outcomes. They help businesses skillfully implement strategic programs and projects, maximize resources, minimize risks and achieve results. 

An efficient and effective PMO can translate your high-level business strategies into an action-oriented and results-driven portfolio of projects. When your PMO team is fast and flexible, your business can rapidly adjust to changing circumstances while delivering successful results.

Our Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management  experts provide the benchmarking data, best practices and experience-based insight you need to create or optimize your company’s PMO. Our PMO consulting services help play a role in reshaping your enterprise strategy, operations and culture with a comprehensive and collaborative approach to project portfolio management (PPM).


Build business agility with flexible, adaptive project management with Centric Consulting’s PMO as a Service. 

Gymnastic enterprises, a term coined by the Project Management Institute, are “resilient, flexible and future-focused” organizations that turn strategy into reality and carve out a true competitive advantage. 

To be counted among these gymnastic enterprises, you need business agility—the willingness and ability to respond to changing dynamics in a flexible, adaptive and rapid manner. Businesses that have agility invest in continuous improvement, prioritize collaborative structures and implement innovative processes. 

You don’t have to build business agility alone. If your project portfolio management practice needs help responding to changing dynamics, prioritizing collaborative structures, implementing innovative processes or developing capacity for continuous improvement, we offer: 

  • Interim and advisory portfolio and program leaders 
  • Program and project managers on a contract basis 
  • PPM team coaching and training  
  • PPM tool selection and implementation 

 Our flexible and adaptive Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management experts will collaborate with your business to enhance agility so you can keep pace with change through our PMO as a Service. Whether you need fractional support, full-time expertise for a specific project or duration, or would like to fully outsource your PMO function, our team will work with you to help meet your program and project management needs.