Seychelles corporations receive a number of benefits including:
  • No Taxes:

    Seychelles corporations (IBC) are legally exempt from taxes and duties on all income and profits as long as they do not conduct business within the borders of the Seychelles (with the exception of being permitted to do business with other Seychelles IBCs tax free). However, U.S. citizens and others residing in countries which taxes worldwide income are required to declare all income to their tax authorities.
  • Easy and Fast Incorporation: A Seychelles IBC incorporation process is quick and efficient, and could only take one day.
  • One Shareholder:

    Only one director and one shareholder are required to start a Seychelles IBC.
  • Privacy:

    Seychelles IBC corporations receive a good deal of privacy and confidentiality. There is no disclosure of shareholder and director names in public records.
  • Bearer Shares:

    Seychelles IBC corporations are allowed to issue bearer shares for further privacy of their shareholders.
  • No Annual Tax Returns:

    Seychelles IBC’s do not have to file annual tax returns.
  • Low Renewal Fee:

    Seychelles IBC’s have a low annual fee.
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